WHy dr4u

When you catch a sniffle, or get that irritation in the eye that you are suspicious about, something stops you from heading straight over to your favorite doctor, doesn’t it?
Yes, it is the annoyingly long queues and the wasteful hours that one has to be a part of to check something, that might, at the end of the day, be nothing. In an age where time is costlier than oil, we at Suyog Computech do hereby give you the power to place your own assistant in every single clinic around you. An assistant that can book your appointments. An assistant that waits for your turn, for you. An assistant, that calls you, just when it is needed for you to come. We present to you your very own, dr4u. And with just one click and Rs.0, this person can be yours forever.

Adding on to that, I am least bothered whether you use an android phone or an apple one. I can work with both. So click the button below and the next time u get that irritation that might turn out to be dangerous, don't hesitate to get it checked, because hey, I am always dr4u.

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An assistant that can book your appointments